BCI Building Consents

Giving you access to building consents issued across New Zealand.

Our long-standing relationships with local councils nationwide means we are able to provide members with information on building consents issued across the country.

BCI Consents reports are set out in one easy-to-read, standardised format with the information tailored to you needs based on construction project value, region, district, building type or category.

Benefits of BCI Consents

  • Covers the majority of Councils within New Zealand
  • Access building consents from Councils that do not openly publish a list of building consents
  • Tailor your subscription to the consents information you require based on value, region, district, building type or category.
  • One consistent reporting format, standardizing the information from a variety of councils

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Uses Building Consent Information?

Many of our existing members are providers of products and services to the New Zealand building industry, including commercial, residential and civil building projects.

This includes:

  • Local businesses
  • Local subcontractors
  • Local distributors and manufacturers

What information is included in a Building Consent Report?

Building Consents contain information on construction projects within the commercial, residential and civil sectors happening in New Zealand and which have been approved for construction.  This information includes details about the construction project such as the location, value and the contact details of the builder appointed and the owner(s). We can also customize reports to specific categories of projects such as Pools & Spas, Fireplaces, Garages, etc.

How can I use this information?

Providers of services and products to the building industry frequently use this information to sell to owners/builders of construction projects that require their product or service.  The information can be used as a basis for a targeted sales or marketing campaign with each building consent being a potential sales leads.

What is the cost of the reports?

The cost varies depending on the information you require. E.g. based on the number of regions, districts, categories (keycodes), etc. Please click here to see our rate chart for pricing.

For more information or to order a BCI Consents Report, register your interest below or call 0800 022 469 and one of our Sales Representatives will be in touch shortly.

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