BCI Sales Tip #10: Managing Common Sales Objections

There are a few key objections that most prospects will use before they are willing to commit to purchasing. Work on understanding their point of view and ask questions to help your prospect explain their situation, so you can understand their reasons. Ask questions like “can you tell me more about (objection)?”. Through getting good at handling these obstacles, sales can be closed with ease meaning that you are able to close more sales in total. To improve your objection handling techniques, practice these tips regularly:

1. Figure out exactly what types of objections you face.
Whether it is price, authority, need or timeliness, figuring out which objections you routinely face will help you formulate a counterargument.

2. Reframe the objection into an opportunity.
After you have specified your types of objections, work on reframing each of them into an opportunity. For example if your prospect states they do not have the budget to employ your offerings, overcome the price objective by detailing the unique value of your product and giving examples of how your offering can solve a problem for them.

3. Practice overcoming common objections.
After brainstorming the most common objections you encounter, grab a role-play partner and practice working around their concerns to achieve a closed sale. This will help you to confidently address the concerns of your prospect in person.

The Effective Specification Selling course from BCI Academy can help you to gain a greater understanding of the specifications sales process and how to manage objections effectively. For more information about this course, click here.

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