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Our Teams

The Administration & Subscriptions team provide and co-ordinate effective and efficient administrative support to the entire BCI operation. We are responsible for numerous tasks; from processing sales orders, renewals and invoices, maintaining subscriptions requests, day to day financial control, generating sales and financial reports as required by management, administering events and working hand in hand with the HR Department in maintaining staff wellbeing. We are the ones working in the background, ensuring the smooth running of our everyday business operations.

Aside from attention to detail, skills relating to communication and interpersonal relationships are essential for anyone succeeding in our role. We are often the first contact of the company to the outside world and the go-to person internally.

Our department is unique that in each task we perform we have the opportunity to learn. Time management on diverse duties, thinking on our feet and problem solving unfamiliar and challenging tasks sharpen our skills towards becoming a professional administration manager.

“I am delighted to work with a very dedicated Administration Team across the group, who take pride in their work. It is always encouraging to see my team strive in their multi-tasking role to ensure the success of each project. They inspire me to continue to learn and grow”Nana Sulina, Regional Admin Manager/Singapore Office Manager.