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How to Get Your Foot in the Door with Builders

Winning a job as a subcontractor is not just about submitting the lowest bid, a lot depends on how you initially present yourself to the Builder. Many Builders will disregard the highest and lowest bid and negotiate with the remainder. As many subcontractors have a trade, not a sales background, they can be unsuccessful in getting the jobs they want. Most of them are not aware either that they have to market their company and themselves (like any other salesperson too) to get more work.

First of all, it is essential to understand how builders choose their subcontractors. A common myth is that you can only win when you submit the lowest bid. What if your bid is a bit more expensive than your competition, but your service is much better? Ideally, builders strive for the best work at the lowest price.

To set the record straight: “They don’t choose price, but the perception of value!”

So if a Builder can trust you in getting the work done in time and within budget, you will more likely be considered for a job than your competitor. This is exactly what you need to show them!

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