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BCI Economics

Our analysts combine market-related experience with a strong economics background, to provide a tailored service for the very specific needs of our foreign exchange clients.

BCI Economics is the division of BCI Media group that provides construction industry-based research and reports across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. We are committed to delivering accurate and reliable business information on Australian and international economies and construction markets, giving business leaders the right industry and market knowledge backed by up-to-date data, clear analysis and insights. It’s all you need to stay one step in front.

Ongoing Construction Forecast Reports

As a part of its services to forward-looking members of the construction community across the Asia Pacific Region, BCI offers periodic construction forecasts – an integral element of BCI’s member services available within particular countries and an important aid in helping decision makers anticipate critical changes in market demand.

Current ongoing reports include:

  • BCI Forecaster: a monthly report of short and long-term construction starts and an effective short-term sales and operations planning tool.Click here to order.
  • BCI Pipeline: a quarterly report tracking new construction projects during the early stages of the construction lifecycle and providing an overview of upcoming construction projects by category and by state. Available for Australia –click here to download a free copy of the 2016 Quarter 2 report or click here to order subsequent editions.
  • BCI Construction Outlook (Australia and Indonesia): an annual outlook for the forthcoming fiscal year. The report is released and presented each year to the public at BCI’s Annual Breakfast Briefings in May (Australia) and November (Indonesia).
  • BCI Sentiment Survey: conducted annually in Australia and Indonesia and focuses on the business confidence of stakeholders in the construction sector (developers, architects, builders and subcontractors), shedding valuable light on the overall market trajectory.

Specialised Reports

BCI Economics also produces specialised reports dependent on the latest in current market developments. These reports focus on a specific sector or facet of the construction market, with each consisting of key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and historical performance, any relevant industry participants and more. Examples of topics include green building, building energy use or construction as related to a specific sector e.g. health sector.

We continually modify our product range to meet the needs of our growing client base.

Current specialized reports include:

The Green Building Report:

Supported by the Green Building Councils of Australia and New Zealand the Green Building Market Report shows the changes and trends within the Green Building movement year-on-year across Australia and New Zealand.

The report is supported by findings from annual surveys conducted by BCI Australia and New Zealand into the field of green building where industry stakeholders are asked to share their insights and opinions on the status quo of green building and how it affected their own businesses. Industry stakeholders included owners and developers, architects and engineers, main contractors and subcontractors.

Research conducted in 2014 has confirmed that the concept of green building has put down substantially deep roots in both the Australian and the New Zealand construction industries. However, there do remain several barriers in both markets for green building to grow in significance including the perception of high upfront costs and the insufficient attention to the potential to increase the value of projects as a result of building “green”.

Click here to download a free copy of the latest Green Building Marketing Report.

BCI Breakfast Briefing (AUS Only)

The annual BCI Breakfast Briefing is a 1.5 hour presentation focused on the latest developments within the construction market served over a delicious hot breakfast. The presentation covers:

  • The results of our latest Construction Market Sentiment Survey, which gauges the opinions of developers, architects, builders and subcontractors on the current economic climate, what projects they are working on currently and what they see for the future.
  • Critical information on upcoming construction projects and how they will shape construction demand in the next 12 months.
  • An overview of which states, countries and sectors are performing strongly and where business opportunities lie, along with actionable analysis that will assist in budgeting for the new financial year.
  • An overview of how construction markets are performing in neighbouring countries within the Asia Pacific region

With over 2,500 research calls made everyday and over 5,500 construction projects reported on every week, BCI is positioned unlike any other organisation to tell you where the construction market is headed.

Attendees of the BCI Breakfast Briefing will also receive a complimentary copy of the latest BCI Construction Market Outlook Report.