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BCI TenderManager: Builders

TenderManager for Builders is a dual system that combines project leads with tender management on one centralised platform. Head Contractors are able to find new, verified projects to tender on while also manage existing tenders with the ability to send RFQ’s to their own subcontractor network as well as the entire BCI subcontractor network.

Designed to help maximise success, use TenderManager to increase your tender opportunities, streamline your RFQ process and expand your subcontractor network for improved pricing.


Project Leads

With two decades worth of experience in researching and gathering project information, BCI offers Builders the advantage of finding out about new jobs well in advance of the project being awarded, often before Registrations of Interest even go out. This early stage information allows BCI Builder members to get ahead of the competition and secure contracts through stronger relationships and repeat work.

BCI’s intuitive project tracking also means Builders are able to search by specific project requirements, save these searches and receive notification emails whenever a project matching the saved search criteria is added or updated.

The email notifications can include alerts for:

  • Development Approval
  • Existing client activity
  • Progress of project
  • Awarded subcontractor

Non-Tender Projects

With an increasingly competitive construction industry, the ability to identify non-tender projects is crucial to stay one step ahead of your competitors. BCI’s timely updates and early reported stages (Concept & Design) combined with the accuracy of contact details (including Owners and Developers) enables you to get in touch with the decision maker before your competition does and reduce the need for tender.

BCI also enables to you to explore your competitors landscape by showing tender win/loss records from your largest competitor, giving you the strategic advantage on your next venture.

Tender Management

Dovetailing into our project leads offering is our tender management platform, which has been designed specifically to help streamline the tendering process for you and your estimating team. With a host of time-saving features, it will give you greater control over your next tender and increasing your chances of winning.

Features include:

  • Quick and simple document control,
  • Customisable send outs to new and existing subcontractors
  • Advanced addenda and version control
  • Ability to manage multiple tenders with unlimited users
  • Australia’s largest database of awarded subcontractors with the ability to search, filter and add to your existing contacts
  • Ability to find and select new subcontractors based on their work history (past and current awarded projects and the clients/builders they have previously worked for)
  • Ability to review all invitees with accept/decline tracking and received quotations
  • Free to use for invited contacts/subcontractors (no registration required)
  • Ability to receive Expressions of Interest from subcontractors interested in projects you’re working on

Simplify your business development, competitive analysis and estimating using one centralised system, complete with ongoing support throughout the life of your membership.

Builders' Services

Document Break Ups

Our unique and complimentary Document Break Up service is available exclusively to TenderManager Builder Members and will help you minimise the time required to create trade packages.

The Document Break Up service includes:

  • Trade allocations from one PDF file
  • Restructuring file folder conventions
  • Renaming documents to standard naming conventions
  • Review all documents, orientation, quality and cropping

Let your Estimators focus on estimating and let BCI handle the document admin for FREE!

Contract Network

BCI is the only leads company to report on successful Subcontractors awarded to commercial projects in Australia. This information is invaluable with identifying active Subbies to invite on your next tender. Our specialised subbie research division track and report on the following details:

  • Company details
  • Trade type including multidisciplinary companies
  • Awarded projects portfolio with archive back to 2010.
  • Builders they have worked for I the past
  • No Tender Bid Pricing per trade

BCI’s contact database can reveal existing relationships with tendering builders and their preferred subcontractors giving you a strategic advantage. Used in conjunction with TenderManager your next bid submission will have the very best chance to be ahead or the pack. Stop using the same old tired pricing and subbie network that was inherited from 20 years ago, give your business the best chance of getting awarded!


Sommer & Staff Constructions

Sommer & Staff Constructions

Sommer & Staff changed our Procurement System to BCI in September 2015. From the initial training to the present, the customer service that we have received is excellent and nothing is too much trouble. Our queries are always answered promptly.

— Theresa Bowles, Procurement Coordinator
Mainstay Projects

Mainstay Projects

The BCI system is comprehensive and is easy to use. When we do need clarification on a potential lead, we have found BCI researchers to be appropriately responsive and answer our queries precisely and with a minimum of fuss. Our only regret is that we did not adopt the CRM capabilities of the BCI system. The BCI system has proven to be even more valuable to our operations. Being a start-up company, it is important that our resources are allocated and used efficiently at all times. By using BCI, our estimators have been able to effectively request and compile accurate subcontractor and supplier quotations to produce a competitive tender on every occasion.

— James Duignan, Managing Director