The New BCI Pipeline Report

Download your free copy of the new BCI Pipeline Report and get a comprehensive overview of upcoming construction projects by category and region across New Zealand.


BCI Building Consents

Get access to building consents issued by Councils from across New Zealand with the ability to tailor the reports to the regions, districts and categories relevant to your business.

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BCI LeadManager

Find out about the latest construction projects with BCI LeadManager, with 300,000+ projects published every year across Asia Pacific.

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High Quality Information

With over 240+ researchers, we provide high quality project information including the verified contact details of key decision makers for every project.

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Building Ongoing Relationships

Learn how to communicate effectively with your target market and establish ongoing relationships with leading construction industry professionals with BCI Academy.

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What's New

26/09/16 | BCI Sales Tip #10: Managing Common Sales Objections

There are a few key objections that most prospects will use before they are willing to commit to purchasing. Work on understanding their point of view and ask questions to help your prospect explain their situation, so you can understand their reasons. Ask questions like “can you tell me more about (objection)?”. Through getting good at handling these obstacles, sales can be closed with ease meaning that you are able to close more sales in total. To improve your objection handling techniques, practice these tips regularly: 1. Figure out exactly what types of objections you face. Whether it is price, authority, need or timeliness, f...

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The #1 source for construction projects in New Zealand & the Asia-Pacific

Lacking project leads? We can help.

BCI New Zealand is the leading provider of business-to-business sales leads for projects within the building and construction market. We research the latest construction projects within New Zealand, from the early concept and design stages all the way through to construction.

Every project within our database contains the contact details of key decision makers relevant to the project as well as the products and services required for the project. With over 240 researchers across Asia Pacific dedicated to sourcing this information daily, we save our members time and effort by providing a shortcut in their sales prospecting process.

Our LeadManager program together with our suite of complementary products and services creates a holistic sales optimisation process that equips our members with the information, skills and opportunities needed to connect with key decision makers within the building and construction industry.

The sales optimisation process includes:

Step 1: The right project – find the right construction project that require the products and services you offer with our LeadManager program.

Step 2: The right pitch – attend our construction specific sales training with BCI Academy and learn to craft the perfect sales pitch to appeal to architects and design specifiers.

Step 3: The right people – put yourself in front of key decision makers at one of our AIS events and present the perfect sales pitch while talking about the right projects to the right people.

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